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some pictures

September 14, 2010

here are some pictures from our adventure… more to come hopefully soon…

the first part of our camino… we climbed the stairs.
our guide throughout our journey… we were seeing yellow arrows in our sleep… but they were definitely nice to have!
the holy year guy at the little fountain sitting/rest area.
another guide post.
the cows talking to us!
mom heading over the bridge out of Portomarin on day 2…
hiking with mom’s poles on the day it rained… hence the backpack cover!
with the Santiago sign just outside the city… but we were still like 2 hours from the cathedral!
our first official meal in santiago! olive oil chips, sangria, and fanta!

favorites list…

September 8, 2010

favorite lists from the trip thus far…

favorite Mass- not that the all arent beautiful
1) first friday Mass and adoration in arzua
2) pilgrims Mass in santiago
3) Mass in fatima- i mean its fatima!

favorite churches
1) cathedral in santiago
2) monestary in batalha portugal
3) cathedral in madrid

favorite hotel- pensions
1) casa do peregrino- santiago
2) pension blue bic- arca
3) pension rua- arzua

favorite meal
1) pasta with 3 sauces- santiago
2) lasagna- arzua
3) vegetable omlette- santiago

favorite new friends
1) german couple
2) brazilians
3) english couple

best transportation
1) the car- when we are not about to die
2) bus to lugo
3) walking!

favorite place to shop
1) santiago
2) fatima
3) portomarin

santiago and the pilgrims Mass…

September 7, 2010

havent updated in a couple days- sorry! so our experience in santiago was a little wet… ok so alot wet! the monday morning we woke up to rain- after a nice morning of sleeping in! and it pretty much rained the rest of the time we were there. we first went to hug st. james- a tradition upon arriving in santiago! then we went to the post office to retrieve our boxes we mailed ahead… both of which arrived no problem which was nice. after that we went to the pilgrims Mass- and it was quite the Mass!
we got there like 30 min early and had to wait in the pouring rain to get in- it wad so full we didnt get a seat! little did we know one of the heads of one of the political parties in spain was at the Mass… he even spoke during the homily- talk about no separation of church and state! and we got to see the censor- it was pretty cool- it almost hit the ceiling! we ran into oyr brazilian friends at Mass and they invited us to go to a local place for lunch- it was really good and lots of fun! after that we just did some shopping!
it was a good couple days minus the rain!
now we are in fatima- more to come on fatima and the trip here tomorrow! keep praying!

untold stories of the camino…

September 5, 2010

story 1: “the swedish ladies”
there were 2 ladies that we met on about the second day of walking who we saw all the time these past few days. one of them had flags on her backpack many of which were english speaking countries- so wr had to ask where they were from. turns out they were swedish and the one was just very well traveled! we saw them at all of our stops and had a few conversations with them- its always nice to see familiar faces along the way!

story 2: “the british couple”
last night at Mass in arca we ran into a couple from england- again heard the english and had to ask. they turned out to be really nice people who have been walking for 3 weeks and plan to arrive in santiago tomorrow for her 40th birthday. they invited us to have drinks wirh them last night and we had an awesome time! we saw them again today at mount gozo and plan to see them at the noon pilgrims Mass tomorrow.

story 3: “the cafe owner”
while we were having drinks with “the british couple” last night we were joined by the cafe owner who happened to have lived in england for 35 year- so she spoke very good english. she told us all about her life adventures and everything shes done- she was a very fascinating lady- its so cool to hear about peoples adventures!

story 4: “the crazy swedish lady”
yesterday we ran into a lady from sweden who had been walking since july! i think that is what made her crazy! she had nothing except the clothes on her back and a small grocery store bag of food. she was trying to talk to us in her broken spanglish- it was quite the experience. i have to say she was a very happy person though.

story 5: “the spanish slackpacking ladies”
on about the 3rd day there were 2 spanish ladies that of course werent carrying anything passed us amd offered mom pain medicine 🙂 everyday since then we seem to see them multiple times a day and they always make sure we are ok. the humor in this story is they knew like absolutely no english haha. we saw them in the cathedral this evening and they were excited to see we made it and hugged us! they were such nice ladies!

i am sure there are many more- i will add them as we remember them!

adventure to santiago…

September 5, 2010

so we made it! we left this morning at about 730 from arca. i think it was the coldest morning we had! we went on our merry way for awhile and then somehow met up with a group of brazilians. they were very interesting people- they all had multiple degrees and have studied all over the world- it was really interesting to talk to them.
after meeting them we were on our own again until the first of the californians caught us. we talked to one of the women for a long time until they “had” to stop for lunch- she was very nice- cant say so much for some of the rest of the group!
we walked with her to the top of mount gozo or mount joy, where in the old days pilgrims got their first glimpse of the cathedral- it cannot be seen from there any longer too many trees and tall buildings. we sat there for awile and talked to the californians tour guide- turns out he grew up really close to allisons school. then we decided we needed to start our treck into santiago.
we started down the massive hill thinking we would make it to the cathedral in less than an hour- haha well almost 2 hours later there we were in the square. the longest part of the journey i think was walking through santiago to get to the cathedral! it also took us awhile to find the pilgrims office to get our compostela! but we eventually found it and only had to wait in line about half an hour which was great. then we are at a great cafe on the squareand drank sangria and people watched until Mass. it has been a great day!

we’re walking… and we’re there!

September 5, 2010

we made it! we are safely in santiago with compostela in hand! more about today in awhile… shower- food- and Mass first!

we´re walking… we´re almost there… and we´re walking

September 4, 2010

we made it to arca! we have come to realize just how not accurate the guide books are! it told us it was going to be at marker 20.5 but it ended up being about 17.5- the good thing about that is less tomorrow! because of not knowing exactly what we did because of the markers and the books being off we are not sure exactly how many miles we did today- but it had to be at least 11 or maybe even 12. mom has decided that she is going to write a book for other pilgrims with the right marker numbers!

we left at about 740 this morning… we were quickly caught by our german friends- we walked with them for about an hour or so i guess… we didnt really keep track. it is always nice to have people to talk to it makes the time go so much faster! there were quite  few ups and downs in the first half this morning… but we survived. we ended up stopping at a bar- cafe for a rest and the germans continued so we lost them.

after them we ran into the californians who were in a couple of separate groups. we talked to the last of the groups for awhile- they seemed tired again today- i´m telling you these hills are killers! they had to stop for lunch so we lost them too. then we met an irish woman. she was really nice she walked with us for awhile too and told us about volunteering in kenya and about ireland- it was pretty cool! she was moving faster than us too- so she eventually passed us too.

we got into arca at about 3. this is not a big pilgrim stopping place like all of the other places we have seen. we have seen some but nothing like the crowds in other places.

we are so excited to be in santiago tomorrow- God willing! we have 17.5 km or something like 10-11 miles to go! hopefully tomorrow will be easy!

off to Mass… hopefully will add more “forgotten stories” later!